Panther Eye Project


The Panthers Eye recognizes three things:

It recognizes the sacrifices made by those on the front line, the first responders and hospital heroes, and honors their incredible work during this historic time.

It illustrates and broadcasts that although we are fragile sometimes, but  when we come together we and our communities are truly unbreakable.

It supports local artist and your local non-profit glass arts organization.

This small piece of blue and white glass with a small heart pressed into the surface, represents all health care workers and our gratitude and support for them. Join this effort and get several Panthers Eyes.  Give one to a Nurse, or Doctor, or police officer you know, Share them with friends and family and lets come together in recognizing their and our commitment to community. Thank you so much for being a part of this project!


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Through our revenue share program with the Panther Eye Project, SiNaCa Studios has donated to

Cook Children’s CARPE Program: $

Project Success: $100

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